The generosity of our Alumni, Parents and Friends enables St Catherine’s to be a world-class academic institution, 以改变学生生活的力量,激励ag真人娱乐APP的社会做出巨大贡献.

Donations enable us to continue to offer a world class education to all students, regardless of background, honouring our founding ethos. Each year thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends, ag真人娱乐APP能够在经济上支持五分之一的本科生,并颁发35个研究生奖学金,并欢迎超过1人,000 school pupils to outreach events. Your support also enables us to maintain the tutorial system, with over 100 Tutors and Lecturers, and to maintain and expand our unique buildings.

More details about the impact of donations can be read about in our 2018 Impact Report here. If you have any questions about supporting the College, please don’t hesitate to contact the Development Office at or by calling +44(0)1865 271760.

Donate Online Today


Our secure online donation form is a quick and easy way for you to support St Catz. You can make a single donation, by debit or credit card, 或者帮助圣卡茨规划未来,定期通过直接付款方式捐款.

Make a single donation

Make a regular donation

Please note you need a UK bank account to set up a regular donation.

Increase the value of your donation by 25% with Gift Aid:

If you are a UK tax payer 您可以通过填写捐赠声明来增加您对圣卡茨的捐赠价值. St Catz can reclaim the basic-rate tax you have paid on any donation (Gift Aid), 前提是你在英国缴纳所得税,并且这个金额至少等于ag真人娱乐APP在任何一个纳税年度所要收回的税款. In order for us to claim Gift Aid on your donation, you simply need to complete a Gift Aid declaration, which are on our online and postal giving forms. 目前,你每捐赠1英镑,就会额外增加25便士,不需要额外付费. 较高税率的纳税人可在年度纳税申报单上申请减免基本税率和较高税率之间的差额. 如欲在报税表上查询有关礼品援助及申索有关礼品的详情,请浏览 HMRC website.

Donate from Overseas


你可以通过多种方式从海外以节约税收的方式向圣卡茨捐款, including from Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, USA and Switzerland. 请在下面找到关于如何从这些国家进行税收有效捐赠的详细信息.


You can donate to St Catz through Americans for Oxford (AFO), a 501(3)(c) organisation, providing a tax-efficient giving route for supporters who are resident in the US. AFO will provide you with a tax receipt for your donation, and your donation will be passed on in full to St Catz. 请在捐款时注明你希望将你的捐款分配给ag真人娱乐APP.

Donate Online Through AFO

You can also make a donation by post by returning a donation form to Americans for Oxford, 500 Fifth Avenue, 32nd Floor, New York, NY 10110.


If you make a donation to St Catz and are resident in Canada, we will issue you with a Canadian tax receipt. You will receive this with the formal acknowledgement of your donation.

Donate Online

Hong Kong

You can donate to St Catz through The University of Oxford China Office, a charity in Hong Kong under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, who will issue you with a tax receipt.  请在捐款时注明你希望将你的捐款分配给ag真人娱乐APP.

Information on how to make a donation can be found here:


跨国捐赠欧洲(TGE)网络是一种向欧洲各地的组织进行税收有效捐赠的方式. Currently St Catz is registered with the German and French partners, 但如果你想通过其他合作伙伴国家的TGE捐款,请务必与ag真人娱乐APP联系.

To donate from Germany, you can do so online through Maecenata Stiftung here.

To donate from France, you can do so online through Foundation de France here.


You can donate to St Catz through Swiss Friends of Oxford University (SFOU), an association (Verein) 根据瑞士法律,楚格州的税收裁决承认了它的免税地位.

有关如何捐款,以及你可以通过sou提供哪些支持的更多信息,请点击这里 here.

Funding Priorities


If you would like, you can direct your donation to one of the following priorities. 捐款支持大学生活的各个方面,对ag真人娱乐APP现在和AG真人娱乐官网有巨大的影响.

Our Greatest Need

Through supporting the College with an unrestricted donation, 你们正在帮助圣卡茨坚持ag真人娱乐APP的基本原则,即为来自不同背景的学生提供一流的教育. Donations allow us to offer scholarships to our students, maintain the tutorial system and preserve our unique buildings.

Student Support

学生支持基金的捐赠对ag真人娱乐APP目前的学生有直接的影响,并允许ag真人娱乐APP为1 / 5的本科生和1 / 7的研究生提供财政支持. The founding principle of St Catz was to open up Oxford to a wider range of students, 这基金确保ag真人娱乐APP保持开放, regardless of background.

Access and Outreach

Donations to this fund support the work of our Outreach Officer in welcoming over 1,000 prospective applicants each year to St Catz, giving them an invaluable insight into life at Oxford. ag真人娱乐APP每年还为超过100名来自北爱尔兰学校的学生提供免费的寄宿暑期学校, 在那里他们可以体验导师制,并获得关于申请过程的深入信息.

Teaching & Research

St Catz is renowned for its exceptional teaching and research, and our academics are at the heart of this. Gifts to this fund help maintain the tutorial system, a key part of the undergraduate experience here at Oxford, and support our academics in their world-leading research.

Subject Funds


  • Alan Taylor Trust Fund, supporting the teaching of Mathematics
  • Ceri Peach Trust Fund, supporting the teaching of Geography
  • Derek Davis Trust Fund, supporting the teaching of Law
  • Dickson Holmes Trust Fund, supporting the teaching of History

Building & Grounds

Our buildings and grounds have always been a particular point of pride, 对该基金的捐赠确保ag真人娱乐APP能够继续保持它们的美丽和实用性. We are able to improve our facilities, including renovating students’ rooms, 改善残疾学生的机会,改善ag真人娱乐APP的供暖和照明,以减少ag真人娱乐APP的碳足迹.

Other Ways to Support St Catz


Giving by Post

用支票/借记卡或直接借记邮寄给圣卡茨的常规礼物, please fill in the donation form 然后返回St Catherine’s College, Manor Road, Oxford, OX1 3UJ发展办公室.

Bank Transfer

If you would like to make a donation by bank transfer our details are the following:

Bank Account Name: St Catherine’s College – Appeal Account
Account No.: 02912752
Sort Code: 30-96-35
Bank: Lloyds TSB PLC, 1 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AA
IBAN No.: GB33 LOYD 3096 3502 9127 52
BIC Code: LOYDGB21023

如果您已经通过银行转账进行了捐款,请发送电子邮件至 so we can ensure to allocate it correctly.

Donations of Shares or Property

You can also donate to St Catz by gifting shares or property, and in doing so you can take advantage of significant tax deductions. 由于学院具有慈善性质,转让此类资产可免征资本利得税. Further information can be found here.

Leave a Legacy


By remembering St Catherine’s College in your will, 你们正在确保未来一代的学生将受益于ag真人娱乐APP提供的高质量教育和经验. ag真人娱乐APP特别感谢ag真人娱乐APP所有的校友和朋友,他们承诺做出这个最个性化的礼物.

Our Legacy Brochure provides helpful information about how you can make this very special gift. If you are planning to leave a Legacy, we would be most grateful if you could inform us, so that we can express our gratitude. 您可以通过填写下面的遗产通知表来做到这一点——请放心,您提供的任何细节将会严格保密. 这个誓言并没有让你做出任何承诺,而是你目前意图的声明.

Legacy Notification Form



Is St Catherine’s College a charity?

Yes – we are a registered charity (no. 1143817) under the provisions of the Charity Act 2011. ag真人娱乐APP亦已向筹款监管机构注册,并已签署《AG真人娱乐官网》.

How does St Catherine’s recognise its donors?

We are exceptionally grateful to all of our donors, and the College is dedicated to acknowledging all gifts accordingly. Our Donor Charter 是为了向支持者保证ag真人娱乐APP筹款工作的诚信和责任,并列出ag真人娱乐APP捐助者的权利.

ag真人娱乐APP通过在ag真人娱乐APP的年度捐赠者名单上显示他们的名字来感谢每一个捐赠圣凯瑟琳大教堂的人, which is published together with our College record, The Year. If you do not wish to appear on the list, do let us know – we would be happy to record your gift as anonymous.

The philanthropy of our community of alumni, parents and friends has a noticeable impact in areas of St Catherine’s. From helping to provide financial support for our students, to preserving the tutorial system and upgrading our buildings, your support makes a wonderful difference. Thank you!

How does my donation make a difference?

In the 2016-17 financial year, a record-breaking 2000+ alumni and friends supported the College, 帮助ag真人娱乐APP为五分之一的本科生和35个研究生奖学金提供财政支持. ag真人娱乐APP还能够提供超过100名世界级的学术团队,并奖励100多名优秀的学术和个人成就的学生. Thanks to you, we were able to accommodate close to 90% of our undergraduates in College, and the cost of living in College remained below the student average for Oxford. For more information on how your support makes a difference, read our latest Impact Report.

Can I choose to donate to a specific project, scholarship or subject?

您可以根据您的兴趣要求将您的捐款分配到一系列的基金:访问 & Outreach, Student Support, Teaching & Research or Buildings & Facilities. If you don’t have a preference, you can also donate to Our Greatest Need, and we’ll put your gift towards the highest priority of the College at that time. 如果你想讨论捐赠到其他地区的可能性,请ag真人娱乐APP or by calling +44(0)1865 271705.

I make a regular donation to the College. How can I change the amount or frequency of my donation?

Please contact us to tell us of any changes to your donation at or by calling +44(0)1865 271760.

What is Gift Aid?

If you pay tax in the UK, Gift Aid is a simple way to increase the value of your gift to St Catherine’s. Using Gift Aid will allow us to reclaim the basic rate tax on your gift, increasing the value of your donation by 25%. 这意味着,如果你通过捐赠援助计划捐赠100英镑,你的捐赠价值为125英镑. 礼品援助可适用于现金、支票、直接借记、信用卡/借记卡捐款.

You can use a Gift Aid Calculator to find out the difference that Gift Aid makes to your donation.